September 29, 2010

An Education

Since Tien got an account at, I've been blessed with hundreds of movie choices! Today I picked An Education!

Story takes place in 1960 London, with impeccable taste for fashion.
This movie is an adaption of British Journalist, Lynn Barber's memoir. It depicts a young bright 16 year old girl, Jenny, who is pursuing education at an all-girl prep school, and aiming for Oxford University. While she is bored with the relentless and seemingly meaningless school life, she meets an older man, who seduces her with his charm and luxe lifestyle. She soon learns that his lifestyle is a work of con, and is involved in shady business. She learns to accept his dubious work, and doubts an Oxford education would ever be useful. She throws away her education, and accepts a marriage proposal from the older man. Should you want to know how this story ends, please watch the movie! hahaha! No spoiler here :)

The movie was great, I really liked the 1960's fashion and elegance everyone had about themselves. The main actress, Carey Mulligan, is said to channel the great Audrey Hepburn in both elegance and talent. After watching the movie, the lesson that should be learned is, "All that glitter is not gold." Though...those glitter should be diamonds!!

Lynn Barber was once naive and fell for a conman, who deceived her as well as her family. Life's a big lesson, and lesson learned!

Check out some wardrobe from the film.

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