August 11, 2010

The good life

I know I've got it pretty good, and am in no position to be complaining.

I think I need some time alone and just learn to relax. Work seems never ending. I come home and it feels like work. I don't have real co-workers, I don't interact with humans on a regular basis, except for vague customer service. I feel like I am drowning sometimes, not knowing when I will ever reach the shore. I'm not saying I want to be jumping out of airplanes everyday, I just want something to call my own. I am losing a sense of self-identity.

Maybe technology is killing me. I think I'll go a week without computer/tv/cellphone, and see where I end up.


  1. it would be nice if life can just be aimless for a day...

  2. Poor you...having your own business do mean you work more than 40h/wk you know.

    Btw, my sister's friend bought a bag from your store. I saw her bag and for some reason, I was looks asian...wonder if it's from Annie's store. hahahaha.