August 30, 2010

Concorde Adventure

So, over the weekend, Tien and I went down to Seattle to visit the Museum of Flight. Because we saw a documentary on discovery channel about the supersonic jetliner: Concorde, we were instantly fascinated by the super fast, super luxury air travel! It is a shame that the mach 2 jetliner retired after 27 years of transporting people at sonic speeds! I wish I could fly that fast! The museum was a lot of fun! Saw some space foods! Nasty nasty things in tubes! There were plenty of fighter jets from WWI and WWII. Funny thing we discovered, the museum had absolutely no mentions of the Vietnam War and the bombing of Pearl Harbour, which probably used a bunch of jets...How politically correct/incorrect to exclude these battles. Anyway! Here is a photo of me posing with a jet figther!

While on our trip, we visited cheesecake factory, the pasta was good and I had a mere appetizer for $5 and it filled me up! American portions are amazing! Purchases made were a toiletry organizer from the Container Store! Also an awesome skirt from the Material Girl line! Horray for me! And a Trench Coat for Tien! We're styling!

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