July 24, 2010

Recap: Date night

So today was our supposed Mall Date. We went to Metrotown, had some sushi for dinner, then did a little bit of shopping! I got an awesome sweater jacket and some nail polish! Still in search of that perfect maxidress! Our plans to watch a movie at metro was destroyed when we saw the massive crowd and line up. We decided to never watch a movie at metro..! Strawberry hill is where it's at! Played some street fighter and bought gummy candy to chew on! I am very excited about my nail polish..I realize the last 3 colours I've bought, are what you say....almost identical!! haha. But Tien was nice enough and allowed me to purchase such similar shades :) I am spoiled!

Feet are tired from walking so much...best go back to Zara to buy those pink heels before the disappear off the shelf...

1 comment:

  1. you are "spoiled" because he LET you buy something, hahahah - you are hilar -sting