July 26, 2010

Hello Lemon

So today I don't work till 1pm, which is kinda nice, gives me the daylight to do some chores and fun things! So I did laundry this morning, and I plan to paint my nails while watching the new episode of True Blood! Perhaps a pampering shower before lunch! There's just so much you can do on a Monday morning! After work I will be meeting up with the girls to look at some Victoria Secret stuff for an online purchase! Hello Bikini. Even though Bikini season is almost over...but nevertheless we plan to take a road trip down to California! Perhaps I can wear my bikini there...!

Speaking of lemons, my t-zone has been bothering me since late May. Mysterious bumps everywhere on my forehead and breakouts like a greasy 16 year old boy! It's hard to pin point the cause, but I suspect them to be one of the following:
  • Stree

  • Greasy food?

  • Change in climate/weather

  • Cosmetic product misuse

  • Stupid fingers touching my face

  • Karma

  • So, I've been trying to find a way to restore my skin back to its glory days. My recent endeavor involves lemon juice! It's suppose to work like a chemical peel. Let the lemon be an astringent, and kill the bacteria! Lemon also help bleach the existing scar/spots. So we will see if this lemon juice really works. Day 1, no signs of improvement!

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