June 03, 2010

The finer things in life

OMG. I love shoes. Thank goodness Manolo Blahnik brought back its classic collection for sale on Neiman Marcus. And what's even better, Neiman Marcus now ships to Canada! My, I can hear my wallet scream for help.
The d'Orsay, made famous by an episode of Sex and the City, when Carrie lost her shoes at a friend's party! Love it Love it.

Now they come in an array of colours! Black, pink, purple, silver, gold, and white!

oh and I long for a pair of Louboutins! How could you say no to those red soles?!
Check out the classic pump and a sparky version that was similar to ones Carrie wore in Sex and the City 2 :)

YAY, finding things to buy when I reach retirement age of 30!

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