February 28, 2010

A day for Olympic adventures!

Here we are in rainy Vancouver, to catch all the hype of the winter olympic games!
I got all dressed up in my Olympic attire!

First off we started downtown walked around aimlessly, saw some weird art video in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, bypassed the ice rink of Robson Square, saw people try to get you to donate money for their worthless acts of "magic" & "juggling" etc. Then we went to see the Flame! It is glorious, minus the rain. Then we had a relatively good food court food at Flaming Wok! Off to the Olympic line we go.
Here is a photo of a man trying really hard to look unsuspecting.

Granville island had a lot of children events going on. We ate some tarts at the market. Most of the houses and special olympic events were jammed packed with people, so we decided not to go. It was also hard to contemplate for the giant line up into the Bay Olympic superstore, but everything we were looking for was sold out. Overall it was a good adventure. That evening we saw shutter island, which could have been better, but nevertheless Leonardo di Caprio is the greatest. Had dinner at Anastasia on 72nd Ave, which turned out to be a pretty good restaurant! What a bold choice of dinner!

Riding the Bombardier like it's nobody's business!

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