January 25, 2010

I use camera!

Hello friends! I am using my camera again! Here is a portrait of myself in a white shirt! White shirts have become my recent obsession, I plan on purchasing a couple more... Today was a busy day, did a lot of work! This wednesday, Annie will be heading off to her first hockey game. How exciting! I am on my 2nd day of the Wild Rose herbal detox cleanse. I feel icky. Tummy is rumbling with hunger for chocolate, and toxins are struggling to come out! Since I was so hungry and needing to snack, I cooked some french green beans with basil and a tad of butter. Yum snack. After this detox is over I am planning to make spinach & artichoke macaroni and cheese! I learned on tv today. Hopefully it will be a success. Ta ta for now. See you in 10 days where I will be free of toxins!


  1. Hot Photo! I like your white shirt :) and your necklace! Is it a starfish? I want to go starfishing one day. Hockey game is fun! My dad and brother are going on Wednesday too! Perhaps you'll bump into them. They are asian :) with black hair.

    Let me know how detox goes :)
    I attempted wild rose once upon a time - but we weren't compatible.
    I cried.


  2. Oooooh. Pretty photo! I <3 white clothes. But it's a pain keeping them white.

    What's this Rose detox thing?

  3. Hi betty, wild rose is a 12day herbal detox that requires you to eat specific diet and take herbal supplments that help you digest and cleanse your body!