January 22, 2010

Free Glasses from clearly contacts!

So, since I was a loyal customer of clearlycontacts.ca I was invited to their 500 pair eyeglasses giveaway for Surrey this week! I picked out a pair of white Marc Jacobs with an extra $20 for my thinner lens, and $15 for shipping. They arrived today! Though a tad tight, I will get some nosepads from parker place to up these babies! Please wait patiently for new photo update! Today we went to a French restaurant for Judi's birthday celebration, I most certainly ate too much food!!! The place was pretty packed with people. I smell like garlic! Judi is planning to go to Europe May-June so hopefully I can also join her! Tomorrow we're going to future shop to test out Wii Fit. Perhaps this will be the year I get fit? No. hahahaha Anywho I am so full and tired, gonna go sleep soon and get mild heartburn! Nights gals.

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