January 01, 2010

Count them.

Happy new year! I guess it doesn't mean much.... But hopefully 2010 will bring us joy, good health, and prosperity. My new year's eve was pretty chill, got all dressed up for the welcoming of 2010, ate sushi at the Korean place, sat at home and watch people groove to bad music, and happy new year! I just took a shower and counted some mysterious bruises that have surfaced on my legs. 5. Count them 5 bruises. Where in the world did they come from? My new year's resolution is to use my camera more often, look nice everyday! Hopefully this Europe trip will happen in the summer of 2010! It's time to leave ugh behind and make woo of the new. Good day!


  1. Thanks for the turban link friend! I can now successfully tie a perfect turban! Handy for those once-in-a-blue-moon occasions where the skill of tying a turban would be necessary :)


  2. ate sushi @ korean place?? =___=
    bruises again? =__=
    happy new year!!!! <3

  3. Happy new year! I got school tomorrow and I'm still awake :(