December 28, 2009

Have a very greedy Christmas

Hi snow bunnies of the world! This Christmas was fantastic, mainly because I spent it with a wonderful person, and the many many gifts!

First off, to showcase my presents from Santa, because I've been such a good girl this year.
1. I got awesome riding boots, courtesy of mother.
2. Lotion from Karen Li.
3. A 40 Liter hiking backpack for all the awesome trips, from Annie Chen.
And a bunch of awesome things from my lover!
A Cupcake hat, a donut pillow, hello kitty blankie, mighty mouse, pajamas, bluetooth headset for handsfree talking, super comfy indoor slippers, chocolates, and more, but most awesome gift of all..... JUSTIN BIEBER CD! SOO COOL.

Hope your Christmas was as awesome as mine, now we look forward to a new year with joy!


  1. Bieber drives me crazy!! he is a soulful young boy...

  2. OMG! You got a donut pillow?! Is it the one you posted a while back? I heart that one :) I have the matching keychain!


  3. Omg, you did not just say Justin Bieber!

  4. YES. The donut pillow! I have keychain too! The brown one!!