October 01, 2009

Blurry days.

I had quite an odd day today. What seemed like a typical Thursday, turns out to be full of random events that made me ponder. I wake up, left for my eye appointment, on the way there, an SUV rams over the stop sign. I wonder if he really didn't see the sign upon the sidewalk. Then as I await impatiently in the clinic, I eavesdrop on the old couple sitting beside me. Funny that older couples in love behave exactly like young lovers. Then a thought came into my head, we learn how to express our emotions at a young age, but as we grow older, we learn to conceal them, why? The doctor puts in special drops to dilate my pupils so he can get a better look inside the windows of my soul. The dilation caused temporary blurry vision. So i decided it was unsafe to drive, I then popped inside metrotown for a small stroll. It was weird how the world was so out of focus. I managed to order some food without having to look at the menu. I sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a nicely grilled warp. This is when I realize how nice it is to sit down, and just relax. Horray. Things are not so blurry anymore. Hope everything checks out and I can get my crisp vision back soon :(

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