September 25, 2009

Goodbye Summer.

Time to write a recap of what I did this summer. This year has to be one of the most memorable summers. I've usually been away from Vancouver for the past couple of summers, this time I spent it all in Vancouver, the most beautiful place on earth!

From June to Early September, here's a list of fun things I did!

•Skydiving :O
•tandem biking around seawall
•picnic with the girls
•endless trips to the beach
•kite flying
•Greek festival
•road trip to calgary to see dinosaurs
•drive in theatre
•grouse grind
•Harrison hot spring trip
•Alberta & Vancouver giftshow. not so fun. ha
•Fondue yumyum
•hot pot in dire weather
•richmond night market
•kayak kayak
•got lost in the corn maze
•said goodbye to my beloved PT cruiser
•rode the canada line
•so many movies

I had a great summer. Now I am about to have a greater autumn. mwuahah. come on friends, let's play in the leaves.


  1. what the hell happened to ur PT cruiser?
    how come ive never heard of the story

  2. nothing happened to it. 4 year lease is up. so need new car!