August 06, 2009

Learning to relax

In other words, time to splurge on myself and pamper Annie Chen. Muwhahhaha. Need a little time out, and make myself feel better. So I've booked a hair appointment in 2 weeks, which by then, I'll be finished the busiest part of August. That is something to look forward to. Also I am needing a facial, my face has been stressed out with work and inconsistent sleep patterns. Stupid bladder infection keeps coming and going. Never ending lower back aches. Good thing I'm seeing my chiropractor this weekend, that ought to release some tension. Lack of exercise, haven't ran in oh god knows how long.... I am guilty. I need to vacuum my room, but our vacuum is stupid and smells. :( Piles and piles of work. Horrid dreams, midnight heartburns, probably caused by unforeseen pressure as deadlines close in. Time to make some adjustment in lifestyle to maintain a somewhat healthy routine. I sound like a mess, but I am okay. I am okay. I am getting a facial. HEHEHHE.

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  1. Agree!! haha Lilly and I were just talking to get a Spa or facial.