August 08, 2009

Gift for me

Sometimes you need to shower yourself with gifts. That's what I am doing!!! hahaha. I plan on buying a new watch. The lame blue one I have is, well, lame. haha. I've been eyeing this Philippe Starck one....muwhahah. After the busiest part past, hopefully I will find time to purchase it. As we head into mid August, it kind of saddens me. One, summer is almost coming to an end, though I adore fall wardrobe :) Two, I am suppose to be on my way to Europe by now. I guess that won't be in my agenda anytime soon. Life takes turns and turns, and how did I end up here I'll never know, but it's for the best of it all. Perhaps this trip will be postponed for a year. But nevertheless take a mini vacation during September, because I deserve it!

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