August 16, 2009

Day 2 in Edmonton

So evidently our plane could not land due to low clouds or fog or whatnot, our plane was delayed for about 2-3 hours. Which gave us no time to reach the convention center in time for set up. So we checked into the hotel and went for lunch :> too bad we didn't have enough time/energy to go to west edmonton mall. Anywho. the next morning we woke super early to reach the exhibition center at 8am. With only an hour to set up, everyone worked real fast like little elves on Christmas eve's eve :) Today was an eye opener and a real good learning experience. We got our first order! That's something to be happy about. And we handed out some catalogues and gave out business cards. Hopefully we will hear back from them! Now I have swollen feet and legs and need to elevate them for the blood to gain proper circulation! Forgot to bring eye makeup remover, and had to wash it off with soap. My eyes are now red, thanks. hahaha. Anywho, no makeup for me tomorrow! Horray. Hopefully we'll acquire more business acquaintances. Only 3 more days until success! MUWHAHHA.

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