June 25, 2009

Goodbye Michael Jackson

One of the greatest musicians of our time, (or before our time), one of the most controversial pedophiles, one of the best examples of plastic surgery gone wild. I am very sad to hear that Michael Jackson is gone, he can no longer grace us with his outrageous behaviours. I was looking forward to his world tour, I guess I'll have to settle with Michael Jackson's greatest hits CD/DVD collection. It is truly a great lost, rest in peace MJ. Thank you for the music you've given us.


  1. I seriously thought it was a joke when my co-workers told me. It's just so sudden. I expected to see more tabloids about his craziness.

  2. =( he was not a pedophile =(
    =( he was a victim of child abuse =(
    i am going to a MJ tribute at a pub
    yaehhhh im gona buy that collection, have to own onee!!!