June 16, 2011

Riot or not, I still love hockey and Vancouver. ♥

An estimated 100,000 fans showed up in the Downtown Court area, to soak in the atmosphere and watch the game together on the big screens. The game ended in favor of the Boston Bruins, leaving Canuck fans disappointed. Although we had lost, I felt the team did their best, and gave us a great season of hockey to watch. Immediately after/before the epic Game 7 ended, crowds went crazy! Videos footage and images of people setting cars on fire, breaking store windows, looting, and fighting were on every news channel. Yes, it is disheartening to see fellow Vancourites committing such a violent act against our beautiful city, but it is more heart wrenching that these rioters be called "Canuck Fans" These small groups of people, were not fans. Yes, some fans may have been angry at the outcome of the game, but their passion for the game did not channel into rage and hatred. Many of the rioters were in the downtown area for one purpose, and one purpose only, to start shit. What Canuck fan in the right mind would bring hammers, weapons, tools, and masks to watch a game? These were obviously targeted, and premeditated game plan to riot, despite the outcome of the game. It is sad to see people taking advantage of this joyous gathering of fans, and using that as an opportunity for vandalizing and looting. Rioters love to put on a show, so if you stay around and cheer them on, or take pictures of them, they feed off that attention, and get even more aggressive. It was the perfect opportunity for them to do bad without consequences.

Sadly, many people blame the fans for the riot. Despite having gained a bad reputation as a Canuck Fan, and as a citizen of Vancouver, I am still a proud fan, and I love the team, I love Luongo, I love Kesler, I love the Twins, I love Burrows, I love Hansen, I love them ALL!!! Most of all, I love the city of Vancouver. Look how fast we bounced back from the riot damages, people are downtown today helping out with the aftermath! I love this city! We are all Canucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is truly a beautiful city, with beautiful people, and beautiful team :)

P.S. Thank you police force and the fire fighers, emergency crew, cleanup crew, and glass repairmen for keeping our city safe and beautiful. LOTS OF LOVE ♥♥♥


  1. hansen? that's random, haha

  2. that's such a shame!!! I'm so sad about it