May 23, 2011

Prom Night Adventure!

Over the Victoria Day long weekend, Tien and I went to Bellevue to enjoy a different city scene. Weather was not too bad, we didn't encounter any rain, but the temperature was cooler than we'd like. Here's what went down!

  • Brunch at Din Tai Fung dumplings!
  • Strolling around Bellevue Square Mall
  • Dined at Wild Ginger

  • Brunch at Cheesecake Factory
  • Watched game 4 at MunchBar and ate s'mores
  • More strolling at the mall

  • Went out of the way to look for this L'oreal exfoliating thing at Walgreens and Walmart
  • 7-11 for snacks, because scary teenagers were hanging outside Jack in the Box parking lot at midnight, so we were scared.

  • Bras from Victoria Secrect
  • Kate Spade iphone case from the Apple Store
  • Hanging folders + coin holder from The Container Store
  • Cardigan from the Gap
  • Combos!!!

    Mine looks like this! But with a white iphone! Cute! We checked out some hello Kitty ones, but they looked lame. Hello Kitty would approve this case too!

    S'mores kept catching on fire during the game! Dangerous! There were quite a few Canucks fan in Bellevue that day :) GO! Canucks Nation!

    Cheesecake Factory never fails~! So full on a brunch for only $6.95 :)

    Seeing this made my day!!!!!

    Back to the title of this post, Prom Night adventure! On Saturday night, we dined at Wild Ginger, which is like a semi fancy restaurant, with more of a casual undertone. Turns out that night was many highschool's prom dance! We saw several teens in their tux and over-the-top dresses. That night I, myself, was also wearing a maxi dress, I probably could have passed for a Prom-goer? No? HAHA. It was nice to see young adults getting ready for their first formal! After dinner we were planning to catch a flick at the theatre, but turns out, the parking lots were super full! Probably the crowd at the Prom dances! We decided to call it an early night and went back to the hotel and had our own prom night! Dancing and stuff! Happy Prom Night kids! Stay safe!
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