February 10, 2011

Things I need to buy

I want to go on a shopping spree once the weather gets nicer and warmer!

  • Red maxi skirt
    I saw one on yesstyle.com for only $20 :)
    OMG I totally forgot I can go to American Apparel for a full rainbow of colours in maxi skirts :) TOO EXCITING

  • Mulberry mini Alexa
    This bag, named after British style icon Alexa Chung. So cute. I am loving structure yet slouchy handbags all over again! The mini is just the right size for me! Also it is half the price! Although they are really sexy bags, I wished they had some mini Alexa not made of leather.

    $695 USD
    The red is just so gorgeous!

    $950 USD
    This is the tiger print raffia! Made with natural plant fibers, no leather yay. (except for the strap and trim)
    It is equally cute, though not as versatile as a solid Alexa, also it doesn't come in mini size on their site :(

    I know it may sound ridiculous of me wanting to buy more bags, even though I am surrounded by bags everyday! I have paid hefty prices for beloved handbags in the past, but this time, maybe not..unless they make more leather alternatives! I did, however, order some handbags from the Giftshow that are similar to Alexa style! WOOOPEE

  • Belts
    A skinny belt and a fat fat belt :) preferably in brown

  • Winter shoes that are on sale!

  • Spring floral dress
    Who can have too many of these

  • Braided style headband
    The last one I bought was too small for my giant head.

  • Wide brim hat

    It makes you feel like you're on vacation

  • Faux leather motorcycle jacket
    because I want to look tough!!

  • Lace panel sweater
    I bought one from XXI.com but it was a fail because it has rabbit fur and it itches my sensitive skin.

  • Sheer white shirt
    Who could say no to this beautiful basic that's not so basic!

    YAY, that's all for now friends, happy Winter Olympic anniversary and happy valentine's day!
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    1. You have expensive tastes! I like the red one more than the prints.

      And Tommy Hilfiger on Robson has the most gorgeous collection of skinny belts :) I almost broke down and bought one.