February 28, 2011

Academy Award 2011

Last night the Oscar winners of 2011 were revealed! I feared that I was going to miss the epic 3 hour award ceremony due to a lack of PVR, but good thing Tien had old school VCR. So we watched it on good old VHS. Here's a recap of the important stuff.

Best Picture: The King's Speech
Best Actor: Colin Firth
Best Actress: Natalie Portman
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale
Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo

Although Leo wasn't nominated for his sexy role in Inception, the movie took home 4 golden boys :) YAY!

Next year Leo, next year!!

P.S. I think I look like Helena Bonham Carter, because she looks like my aunt, and I look like my aunt. I will find a photo that does me justice!

The following is to bash a Korean popstar. Her name is G.NA, she held a concert last night at the Bell Performance centre. The event promised those who purchased the VIP package that there would be a meet and greet with the star, also autographed photos and personal picture time with G.NA. To everyone's disappointment, the meet and greet was pushed back till the end of the concert, and then by the end of the concert they informed the ticket holders that there would be no signatures, no meet and greet, no personal picture time, only group photos taken by the staff.

WTF. If you cannot deliver your promises, then don't make them at all. You're forever in my bad books G.NA. What a scam! Scamming people of expensive ticket packages and no meet and greet! Even though I did not attend the event myself, but my brother did, and people were furious! You just lost some fans and reputation G.NA.


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  1. Wow. Really? Gina came back? I'm not really a G.NA fan, but we did go to the same high school. Aside from the poor event management, I am somewhat envious of how she could come back as a pop star and hold a concert on the same stage where she graduated from, all in less than 10 years. I can't imagine how she must have felt last night.