October 18, 2010

Day downtown!

This sunday, Tien and I went downtown for my $5 bangs-cut at Chura hair salon! $5 makes me holla! We also went to visit the newly open Joe store! It was hectic in there, and nothing really piqued my interest. It was mostly sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I much preferred Joe in superstore! Anyway, the coolest thing was this $39 jacket in a bag! Awesome idea for storage and travel efficiency.

We didn't buy anything in the end, but we did however made an attempt to eat waffles at Medina Cafe. It was packed. I saw a bunch of people standing outside, but I assumed they were just chilling. Little did I know, they are in line for a table! I saw the waiting list and a little part of me died inside. Until next time, waffles :(

Taken from http://www.medinacafe.com/

On the way, we saw some Brick Walls! In case you didn't know, I have an obsession with willow trees, Leonardo DiCaprio, and brick walls!!!

So we left Medina Cafe and ended up at White Spot for late lunch. HAHA. After lunch we went for a mini stroll in The Bay. Checking out some merchandising ideas and new trends! We ended the downtown tour with these lame pictures!

Herro, I am Harry Potter!

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