April 13, 2010

I can't sleep

I am having trouble falling asleep tonight, so I've been chatting up a couple of people. As the hour gets later, I am getting increasingly hungrier. As I get hungrier, my senses have started to hallucinate drastically. I am beginning to smell instant noodles, though there are no noodles around.... I believe I am going crazy?

On a side note, I saw a bus rammed into the Newton Wave pool on Sunday. It was bizarre! How does a bus lose control and ram into the building on the opposite lane? Crazy! Here a link to a photo someone took, because I forgot to use my phone!


Luckily, no one was on the bus except the drive. The female driver sustained a broken leg from the crash, and no one at the pool was injured. Though the building itself suffered quite the damage. Transit officials are still trying to figure out why the experienced driver crashed into the building. Perhaps...there's much more to the story!
That is my WTF story from the weekend! I think I will start some WTF stories!