April 08, 2010

Early Bird gets...

They say that the early bird gets the worm, but I say, the early bird gets two breakfasts! So I woke up rather early today, to hear hail/snow banging on my rooftop. April weather is so unpredictable! It was freezing today and blasting with 90kmh winds..I swear it was so cold. Anyway. I had a strong yet strange craving for instant noodles last night, so I figured I'll eat it for breakfast. Here I am up at 7am, eating my miso flavour instant noodles, while watching America's next top model. This is what early birds do. After my consumption of such unhealthy meal, I instantly felt sick, yet filled with such pleasure to eat junk first thing in the morning! Off to work I go, and bam, starbucks craving kicks in. A cup of hazelnut latte half sweet with a side of croissant! Today was good. I hope to repeat this 2 breakfast, or even make it a habitual thing :)

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