April 06, 2010

Desk acquired :)

So it took the longest time to put together a desk bought from Office Depot. I swore never to buy self-assemble furniture from anywhere except ikea. These designs are simply ridiculous! Many parts were after thoughts, and definitely not made for 1 person labour.

Despite the hardship, the desk is now working and function more than just storage! It actually looks pretty nifty too. My next step is to paint my bed frame the same dark cherry brown colour, then it's onto the walls. Check out this photo I am using as reference for my wall colour idea.

This is chocolate froth from Berh! I stumbled upon this website the other day, and I've been reading it for style inspirations! Check it out Making it lovely

Anyone up for paint & lamp shopping :)?

1 comment:

  1. congratz on getting the desk. Room progressed.