March 04, 2010

To be Alice for a day

Some days, it feels like the world is folding in, and you're in the centre of it. Today the world has folded, and left with no place to run. How to deal with these occasional downs? Some turn to other things to fill the void. Some turn to Television to numb the senses, some turn to the internet in search of a spark of hope, and some, like Alice, turns to a rabbit hole. If I had a rabbit hole, I'd fall into it from time to time, just to get away from the reality that is impossible to handle. Maybe sometimes nonsense is better than any sense at all. After a gruesome attempt to relax in a 30min shower, I reluctantly got out, dried myself and painted my toes pink. Wishing that joyful colour could also bring me some joy. Perhaps colour therapy does work in magical ways, for I am feeling not as shitty. One certainly could infer that is the reason why Alice had so much fun in that wonderland. Colour me joy.

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