February 14, 2010


Happy Chinese new year! Happy Valentine's day! Happy Gold winning day!

Wow, quite the day for all them events! Feeling extra festive with the olympics going on, the love is in the air, and the tiger is finally here. First of all, I would like to wish everyone a great Tiger year, this shall be the year I roar! Wishing the people I care and love a healthy year, and may all your wishes come true. Second, I would like to say to the man in my life, thank you for being so awesome and I love you. And lastly, to all the Canadians, WOOOHOO. I am so proud to be a Canadian, British Columbia is the best place on earth. We shall conquer more games, win more medals and be the best athletes we can be! CHEER !!!

Oh, victory is so sweet. What a glorious moment in Olympic history for Canada.

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  1. Yippee! Happy Lunar New Year & V-day to yooooo. I think I'm 1 day late :P