January 13, 2010

Conversation with paula.

So I am awake, because I had mild dull pain in my lower left abdominal pain. I googled my symptons. Turns out I probably had bad digestion and constipation. I'm sure you didn't need to and didn't want to learn that fact, but it's too late now, you've read it and acknowledge it! I need fibers like no tomorrow, and exercise! Wii fit sounds like exercise to me!!!!!! YES?!?!?! Anywho, back to conversation with paula, it started like so

I only use my right index finger and my left index, middle, ring finger to type 95% of the words and left thumb for the space bar. And right pinky for shift. and right middle finger for period. my right thumb and ring finger are obsolete. wow....


OMG I am the same!!!

I guess I don't have to be too careful when I chop away on the cutting board!!!

Night y'all.