January 28, 2010


This is for lunch today! A classic Korean dish. Rice + assorted vegetables + an egg (usually raw) + some seaweed + chilli paste

Very detox friendly. I am so full now. Only regret is I couldn't use the actual chilli paste, I had to improvise with some chilli powder, sesame oil, pepper, lemon juice, and no sugar :(

Regardless, it was still tasty! Ikea is having a wardrobe sale..20%!! Except I have no space for no wardrobe. Best spend the money on more clothes. Who cares about storage!

Dum dum dum. Tuesday I have a very serious business meeting, where I will be wearing my newly purchased blazer from Club Monaco. My $200 investment is about to increase in its value! Horray! Time to make more purchases.


  1. what about the pickles? U can't have bibimbap w/out pickles! Did you make that?

  2. No pickles. No perseved stuff, no vinegar and soysauce! omg detox is hard.

  3. It sounds hard :( Good luck u. I don't have the will power to do such thing.