November 18, 2009


So, I have long term plans to retire by the time I am 30. Because I don't want to be slaving around by the time I am 60. I want to do the things I enjoy, and have the freedom and physical fitness to do so. I am not being lazy! On the contrary, I am super ambitious, because I plan to work really hard until I am 30. Why is it that people are sooo opposed to the idea of retiring at 30??? What's wrong with retiring at 30? It's not like I'll be obsolete and useless if I retire. Most people are obsolete and useless when they retire because they are old and senile. It's not like I'll be slacking around, doing no good, spending my parents savings. Why is it that no one would object if I start popping out babies and become a full-time babysitter and housewife by the time I am 30? Society is gross. Get a grip people.

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