November 14, 2009

Ugly sweaters.

Yes, tis the season to have ugly but festive sweaters! Paul and me went to the thrift store today, and it was an adventure! I love all the outdated clothes we can poke fun, and the outrageous things people may actually wear in public. We had real good laughs. It's always good to see Paul. I made a purchase of an awesome Christmas theme sweater, and Tien will be getting an ugly gold star infested sweater. I also bought a red Chinese jacket. I'm soo Chinese. I look forward to wearing it everyday, and pissing my parents off, because it's not Chinese new years, and no one wears that kind of stuff. What a successful day for shopping! Duly noted, I am a PC afterall. I finally set up the 2 work computers' wireless network, now they can share folders and printers! Windows 7 really isn't as easy as it sounds on the commercials. Nonetheless I am awesome, and conquered life!

We saw 2012 today, and yes, Computer graphics were at its best! Everything looked so sharp and real and coming at you. But usually after these kind of movies, it makes you feel bad, because if the world ends, there is no happy ending like in the movies. Everyone dies. Maybe except for the rich and powerful. Which I am neither. I either need to get some cash fast, or get some authority around here. It's time to start bossing around!!!!!!!! Ta.

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  1. Check it out! It's the ugly sadface sweater!:
    Hahahah! :P