November 30, 2009

Things I want to eat everyday.

Veggie chips! 365 Everyday Value™ Veggie Chips by Whole Foods.

I recently came into contact with these, and boy, are they yum. Baked, not fried, meaning I can eat the whole bag, right?

Combos Cheddar Cheese Cracker

I used to eat these when I was little! They don't sell them in Canada, except this one time I found it in a convenience store, but they no longer have it. They are available through

Flan by Jell-O, or otherwise known as creme caramel.

You can make yumyum custard dessert in a matter of minutes in the convenience of your own home! I usually find these at Seattle's nicer Safeways, but they are usually sold out/out of stock. They can also be bought in bulk on

Tzy-Lu Chocolate

Comes in three flavours, strawberry, coffee, butterscotch chocolate. My favourite is the strawberry one. These can be found only in Asia. I haven't seen them around in Vancouver yet. Yna is bringing some back from Asialand!! Hopefully!

I am really hungry now. Bahhh.


  1. hm.
    tzi-lu aint showing
    u happy chipery

  2. wtf u went Whole Foods without me ?!! -0-~ how darrrrrre u

  3. I love those chips! They're sooo good! And the flan Yum!

  4. I remember walking around Seattle in search for the flan jello o.O . lol. I can't believe you're still obsess with these :)