October 23, 2009

All you need is love

Hello kids! I am back from Vegas, and out a couple of bucks. haha. I enjoy our adventures and this one definitely goes in the book of awesome adventures. We saw cirque du soleil, The Beatles: Love, which was an amazing performance! We saw great lions, rode rollercoaster, and for the most part, just sat around doing nothing.

Like all great adventures, this one must come to an end. Though I am sure there are plenty more to come! Like the Beatles say, All You Need Is Love.

Tonight we had dinner with couple of friends in Richmond, which made me realize that Chinese food is my worse enemy. Chinese restaurants are usually too oily, too spicy, too much. :( So I went to bed only about 2.5 hour after consuming what can only be described as yumyum oil, and now startling awake at 4am with a mild case of heartburn. I drank some honey water to try to tame the fire inside my stomach. After being awake an hour or so, I am feeling much better. Now I am looking forward to do some shopping, who will join me :)? Perhaps some goodies for Halloween, and a scary costume!

P.S.: I am loving my newest addition of eyeshadow. Muwhahahhahaha.

Who's this loser? It's my favourite loser :)

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