July 19, 2009

The curse of the first born

Why must the first born be utterly responsible, fix the vcr, fix the dvd, drive the second born, and do everything else. Why is it that parents expect you to care and hold the younger sibling's hand through everything, when the first born had to do everything on her own. Why must the first born be independent, figure everything out, and make life sooo easy for the younger sibling. I am not saying I won't lend a helping hand, I just don't understand why the first born had to go through everything on her own and learn, while the younger siblings just sit back and relax. Parents expect you to do everything for the young one because you went through it already. This way the younger one will never learn to do anything on his own. For god's sake. I am so sick of this. If he cannot care for himself at this age, I fear there may be no hope. I am not customer service, I am not technical support, I am not FAQ, I am not the how-to-people, I am not a chauffeur, I am not personal assistant, I am not a day planner, but I am cursed. Someone break this curse for me, or it's gonna break me.

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